Pediatric Chiropractic Care

by | Women and Children

 Pediatric chiropractic care is extremely beneficial to your child’s overall health and development. Many people ask “why do children need chiropractic adjustments, they don’t have any pain?”. Unfortunately, most people only see chiropractors for pain. Yet, there are so many other benefits of regular chiropractic care for overall health and wellness.

The birthing process is a traumatic event for your baby. Up to 95% of children have misalignment’s after birth.  Chiropractors check the spine following birth and throughout childhood to ensure optimal neurological and structural development. Babies nervous systems are the first thing to develop invitro, there is no life without our nervous system. Babies are not born like us “hardened adults”. They are still developing and their spines are no exception. Because their bones are more like cartilage and can easily become misaligned. Chiropractors call this a subluxation. At birth the stress and trauma especially to their cervical spine (neck) can have significant implications if never addressed. Difficulty latching, ear infections, colic, constipation, re flux, allergies and much more can result from nervous system interference caused by subluxations.

Developmental milestones such as holding the head upright, sitting upright, crawling and walking all can be affected by spinal subluxations. Pediatric chiropractic provides your kids a better chance of reaching optimal function and developmental milestones.

   It is well know that children crawl, climb and fall. This is a part of everyday life for children, especially while learning to walk. However, children are not invincible. The average child falls 25 times a day when learning to walk! Think about how your body would feel it it underwent the same stress. These stressors do not present as pain in children. Small injuries over time go unnoticed and can result in more serious conditions long term. I was once told “little problems in little kids leads to big problems in big kids”. The same goes for their spinal health. That is why gentle chiropractic adjustments are a great addition to your families health habits. Developing these habits in your children from a young age will contribute to your family’s optimal health and wellness.