COVID19 procedures

by | Health and Safety

How is Spine by Design Chiropractic managing patient safety during the COVID19 pandemic:

As a health care professional, the most important thing to consider is patient health. It is out goal to ensure the health and safety of every patient that enters Spine By Design Chiropractic.

Chiropractic is an essential service for patients during the COVID19 pandemic. Anyone who experiences back or neck pain know that it is unbearable. Doing nothing is not an option to recover without permanent injury. Visiting busy facilities like urgent care will only increase your risk of exposure. For this reason, I am thankful to be open. I am ready to help serve the community, safely. However, it is essential to take the necessary preventative steps to protect my patients and myself from exposure. The following outlines the guidelines set in place to protect you:



  • If a patient has contact with or is caring for someone who is ill with COVID19 in last 2 weeks you are asked to stay home.


  • Are you currently experiencing any of the following symptoms of COVID19: cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain or loss of taste/smell. If so please to cancel your appointment and stay home.

Social distancing:

  • Patients are treated one at a time for their chiropractic treatments.
  • No patients will wait in the lobby with the exception of families living in the same household.

CDC COVID19 guidelines regarding safety, disinfection and cleaning:

  • Disposable masks and gloves are available for both the patient and the doctor.
  • Patients are to sanitize their hands at check in.
  • Routine cleaning of surfaces including:tables, knobs, handles, light switches, counter tops, toilets, sinks, phones, touch screens and credit card terminal. But, most importantly disinfection of the chiropractic adjustment table after every patient.