Webster Technique

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What is the Webster technique?

Dr. Larry Webster created the Webster technique after his daughter experienced a long and extraordinarily difficult birth. He didn’t want future mothers to suffer like his daughter. This led him to develop the Webster technique, which is specific to prenatal chiropractic care. The purpose of the Webster technique is to balance the pelvis in preparation for birth. Research now shows that regular prenatal chiropractic care resulted in easier deliveries, shorter labors and less discomfort throughout pregnancy. He achieved his goal of developing a preventative approach to safer and easier births!

Dr. Webster founded the International Chiropractic Pediatric association (ICPA). The ICPA is now the leading researched based chiropractic organization in the world.

What is a prenatal chiropractic adjustment?

Prenatal chiropractic adjustments are very gentle and there is no contact with the baby. The adjustment involves a gentle manipulation of the tailbone, as well as massage of the muscles and surrounding ligaments. This balances out all structures surrounding the pelvis. As a result, nervous system function to the uterus is improved and risks of stalled labor are minimized.

How often should you see a prenatal chiropractor?

It is recommended to receive prenatal chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy. Especially if there is a history of C-section and fetal malpositioning. Regular adjustments using the Webster technique will allow for a lower stress, more enjoyable and healthier pregnancy. Biweekly care is advised in a healthy pregnancy, with correct positioning and minimal to no discomfort. Resolving pain related conditions or positional abnormalities will require increased frequency of care until the condition resolves. After 32 weeks, chiropractic adjustments are advised once weekly until birth. This is because the hormone Relaxin causes increased ligament laxity. The laxity creates imbalance affecting your ability to hold adjustments between visits. After baby is born it is advised to return for a post-partum checkup after 2-6 weeks depending on each individual recovery time.

Enjoy your pregnancy, and celebrate the wonderful new addition to your family!

-Dr. Amanda Courtney D.C.

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