Shoulder pain causes and treatment

by | Rehabilitation

Shoulder pain from injuries is very common. The shoulder is inherently an unstable joint. Picture a large ball trying to stay in a shallow cup. It is the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments that provide strength and stability to the shoulder. Injury prevention and recovery involve strengthening the muscles of the rotator cuff. Resistance band exercises are a great place to start. Exercising the shoulder in all ranges of motion (flexion, extension, internal rotation, external rotation, adduction and abduction) will ensure stability throughout. Make sure to stay within pain motion!

   In the case of frozen shoulder scar tissue adhesion has developed. This is often coupled with a shoulder impingement of the tendons or bursa within the shoulder. It may become extremely irritated and very painful. Treatment for this type of shoulder pain will take longer to recover. Breaking down the tissue and eliminating the inflammation will help increase motion and decrease pain. Slow movements like wall walks are a great place to start. Then introduce resistance band exercises within pain free range of motion.

    The body must also be provided with the correct environment to heal. Diet, sleep and specific supplements help rebuild, speed up, recovery time and maintain progress. For shoulder injuries such as instability or dislocations Ligaplex 1 or 2 by standard process are a great place to start. Ask your health care provider for more information. 

    Chiropractic offices offer a variety of therapeutic treatments that can benefit shoulder pain and injuries. These therapies include: rapid release therapy, ultrasound, rehabilitative exercise, manual therapy, adjustments and more! Find a chiropractor near you for shoulder pain relief.